Myoko Complete Pass Myoko city ski area common lift ticket.

What's Myoko Complete Pass

A highly recommended ticket for
skiers visiting Myoko is now available!
The convenient and affordable
Myoko Complete Pass combines unlimited-ride lift passes, which can be
used to travel around ten ski resorts
in the Myoko area, with shuttle bus tickets.

On sale
December.16 - March.17.2024

For any three days during the period


3 Day Lift Pass

This free pass allows you to use the 10 ski
resorts in Myoko, as many times a day as
you like, for three days.

Unlimited Bus Ride Ticket

You can get unlimited rides on the shuttle
bus connecting each ski resort.

See here for more information on local bus

How To Use, The Myoko Complete Pass

3 Lift Tickets

  1. Step 1 Purchase
    the pass via a
    ticket website
  2. Step 2 An e-ticket is
    sent to your
  3. Step 3 Get your ticket
    issued at the
    ski resort and
    hit the slopes!

With the IC gate system, there is no need to get your lift ticket reissued, even if you move from one ski resort to another, and you can ski as long as you want!


Ski resorts with IC gates

Issuance of common tickets for four ski resorts in the Myoko area (excluding Arai Snow Resort and Kyukamura Myoko RunRun Ski Resort)

  • ・Myoko Suginohara Ski Resort
  • ・Ikenotaira Onsen Alpen Blick Ski Resort
  • ・Akakura Kanko Resort and Spa
  • ・Akakura Onsen Ski Area

Ski resorts with IC gates

Issuance of common tickets for two ski resorts in the Madarao area

  • ・Madarao Mountain Resort
  • ・Tangram Ski Circus
* Note that you must get your ticket reissued if you use ski resorts other than those listed above, or if you use ski resorts listed in (1) and (2) on the same day. * For ski resort visits after the second location, you will need to present the “ticket used” screen from the sales website at the ticket counter and have your lift ticket from the first resort collected.

Bus Tickets

How to use
free bus tickets

When boarding the bus,
please show the e-ticket purchase screen to the conductor.

Click here for shuttle bus information.

Participating Resorts

Introduction to 10 Ski Resorts in the Myoko Area

Myoko area

Myoko Suginohara Ski Area

This ski area features two long powder runs starting from the highest peak in Niigata.
These runs are among the longest in all of Japan, with a maximum run distance of approximately
8.5 km and an elevation difference of 1,124 m. Everyone from beginners to advanced skiers can enjoy skiing in the wide-open terrain.

Ikenotaira Onsen Alpen Blick Resort

Launched in 2021 under the new name of Alpen Blick, this ski resort boasts one of the best super-wide single slopes in Japan. With Mt. Myoko as a backdrop, you can ski while enjoying the view of Lake Nojiri.

Akakura Kanko Resort

Located at the foot of Mt. Myoko, one of
Japan’s 100 most famous mountains,
this renowned ski resort is attached to
the Akakura Kanko Hotel, which boasts a hot spring with 100% free-flowing hot spring water. Opened in 1937, making it the birthplace of
the ski resort in Niigata Prefecture, it is said to be
the longest running ski resort in Japan,
a pioneer in the country’s resort industry.

Akakura Onsen Ski Area

The ski area has three entrances and lift stations, allowing easy access to the slopes from any direction. It is also open for night skiing, so it is recommended for those who want to ski well into the evening. On Saturdays, the snow is pressed before the night skiing session, so you can enjoy the same fresh snow as first thing in the morning.

Myoko Kyukamura RunRun Ski Resort

The slopes at this resort greet you as soon as you reach the hotel. Featuring the RunRun Kids Park, newly established in 2022, this is the perfect resort for those making their debuts on the snow.

Arai Snow Resort

A total of 14 diverse courses, the largest free-riding zone in Japan. This ski resort was listed in the Michelin Guide Niigata 2020 Special Edition as an "extremely comfortable hotel" (Top Class Comfort). It has also garnered notice for its first-class lift tickets (priority appearance tickets for lifts and gondolas).

Madarao area

Madarao Mountain Resort

This ski resort straddles the border between Niigata and Nagano. Together with the adjacent Tangram Ski Circus, it is a ski resort with 49 courses. There are 14 “Tree Run Courses” where you can slide through the forest as close as possible to nature, which is one of the largest in Japan.

Tangram Sky Circus

Tangram—a lodging–type snow resort which unites skiiing, overnight stays, and play—offers various ways to enjoy the resort, from a free practice area exclusively for beginners to powder and tree run courses. The Hotel Tangram, which is attached to the ski resort, has large rooms (40 square meters), a large hot spring bath, and a sauna.

Joetsu area

Cupid Valley

The northern slopes that overlook the Sea of Japan are exhilarating, and the snow quality is excellent. Located at the foot of Mt. Hishigatake, Cupid Valley boasts a total of 12 courses with the longest run of 4,000 meters.
One of the best parts of the resort is that on a clear day, you can ski comfortably, surrounded by beautiful trees, while enjoying the view of the Sea of Japan.
The Tree Run Area is very popular as an area where visitors can enjoy the wilderness.
A vast area of approximately 20 hectares stretches out from both sides of the second quad lift. Enjoy the epitome of nature with all-natural powder snow.
The resort has a layout geared towards beginner-to-intermediate skiers, and the spacious center slope in front of the central house is very popular with a wide range of visitors, from families to advanced skiers.

Itoigawa area

Itoigawa Seaside Valley

Located in Itoigawa at the southernmost tip of Niigata Prefecture, the ski resort is surrounded by mountains—with Mt. Kubiki Komagatake and Mt. Amakazari (one of the 100 Famous Japanese Mountains) to its front, and the Hakuba mountain range at its rear—and offers a spectacular view of the Japan Sea on a clear day. The Fossa Magna (the Itoigawa-Shizuoka Tectonic Line) and the ancient Salt Road are located nearby, and there are many sightseeing spots. The attached hotel also has Shionomichi Onsen, locally renowned as a hot spring for beauty, where you can enjoy your time after skiing.

Access Myoko

Narita Airport
to Myoko Kogen


Approx 1 hour

Take the NEX Narita Express train from the airport to JR Tokyo Station

Narita Express(NEX)
JR Tokyo Sta.


Approx 1.5 hours

Catch the Shinkansen to Nagano from Tokyo Station

Tokyo Sta.
Nagano Sta.


Approx 1.5 hours

Take the local train from Nagano Station to
Myoko Kogen

Nagano Sta.
Local train
Myoko Kogen

Haneda Airport
to Myoko Kogen


Approx 20min

Take the Tokyo Monorail from Haneda Airport to Hamamatsucho Station

Tokyo Monorail
Hamamatsucho Sta.


Approx 5min

Transfer to the Yamanote Line and catch the train to Tokyo Station

Hamamatsucho Sta.
Yamanote Line
Tokyo Sta.


Approx 1.5 hours

Catch the Shinkansen to Nagano from Tokyo Station

Tokyo Sta.
Nagano Sta.


Approx 1 hour

Take the local train from Nagano Station to
Myoko Kogen

Nagano Sta.
Local train
Myoko Kogen

Airport Shuttles

Myoko Shuttle offers direct transfer from Narita & Haneda airports with three shuttles per day.
This is the cheapest shuttle service available, and the route also stops in Madarao.